Friday, 30 January 2009

Gardeners Old and New

I love to read books of quotes especially if they have a connection with people that were gardening 200 or so years ago......and going through the same experiences that we do now. Gardening has basically remained the same and you can't say that about many things.
William Shakespeare wrote ;
Sweet Flowers are Slow and weeds make haste. How true!

This one I find quite a laugh ;
Gentlewomen if the ground be not too wet,may doe themselves much good by Kneeling upon a cushion and weeding. And thus both sexes might divert themselves from idleness and evil company. William Coles 1656.

Do the birds know its going to be chilly again as they were feeding non stop all day as was the squirrel. I didn't venture out there today though as I was busy on other things.

It will be nice to see some lovely Spring Flowers like the ones in today's photo. What with all the depressing news around Spring can come as early as it wants to cheer us all up a bit.
The other photo was a shot taken up in the village of Grasmere in the Lake District that we visit regularly.