Saturday, 10 January 2009

TheMoon and a feathered visitor

Tomorrow night is a Full Moon but because it is going to be cloudy ,windy and rainy, last night would have been the best night to see it at its finest here. Which I did as I donned my coat at about 10pm and went out with the camera to try and see what kind of photo I could try and capture. It has a fairly good zoom on it and the photo here was the result. I was also looking at it through our scope which is really for bird watching but I could clearly see craters...... It was well worth getting frozen for,brr!

Today we had a rare visitor who came for his lunch and who wasn't going to be put off by a few bossy Blackbirds. Yes, after my saying just the other day that I had not seen a Field fare, there he was on the lawn for most of the morning! We didn't half have a frost last night so I guess he was hungry and there was his equivalent of fast food..apples. The photo is not brilliant as he was a fair way down the garden and would not stay still.

Scrap booking goes hand in hand with gardening and gives me lots of ideas and the effort seen here was inspired last summer by my sunflowers.