Sunday, 25 January 2009

Martin Mere magic

What a buzz there was today at Martin mere reserve nr Southport. Like everyone else in the hides it was a case of not knowing where to look first.... it seemed like there was a bird of prey on every post! Two Peregrines put on a real show for us. One could be seen ripping up a bird as its meal down by the mere, while at the same time trying to see off an opportunistic seagull that kept nipping in and grabbing what he could. Then the Falcon flew to a post and sat with his mate, we presume.
Further out on the reserve we spotted Buzzards and another falcon.
They really put on a good show for everyone and the Swans were in fine voice ,crowded into the main pool. It won't be too long now and they will be off on their journey with their young and that will be goodbye until next October..Nov.

The photo of the peregrines was taken on the zoom but they were so far away it does not show them up very well. Our new Scope provided us with a lovely view though and we both came away feeling pretty pleased.

Tom had a mouse today and was chucking it about a bit but he was spotted before he had killed it and the lucky little thing escaped....well we think he did but an hour or so later Bebe had one to and this one was hm............... oh well!
I noticed the Snow drops are just about to open and one daffodil is in bud in the garden and I quickly planted a couple of the plants I bought the other day while I was out there.