Sunday, 11 January 2009

Fast foward to Spring

Because it's such a grey day here today I thought It would be nice to see what we have to look forward to in the coming weeks. January is such a quiet month in our gardens but I can go out in the greenhouse and tidy a bit ,wash some pots or like the other day have a tidy and sweep up in the garden and I did feel better for it. I took a before and after photo as proof,ha!

The other photos are from Spring last year and Spring 2007 . I put loads of Tulips in pots and in the beds and they were lovely for several weeks. The other is a pretty Auricula, which I really love as they are so soft and velvety.They are natives of Central Europe and in the 19th century they were experimented on to produce so many different colours.
The name of the Tulip comes from the turkish name for a Turban ,tulbend, which the flowers now you know,ha!