Friday, 16 January 2009

A Primrose they say,can brighten your Day!

Took the camera out to the garden today to see if I could find something to snap..... and this little Primrose was the result, as was the empty bird log..more on that though in a minute. I have my doubts that the primrose will look so immaculate after the predicted very windy weekend we are supposed to be in for! While I was out there I also spread a full bag of bark chips over the borders I'd cleared as protection for young new shoots against anymore cold weather, have no doubt that the Blackbirds will have kicked it all back on the lawn by tomorrow! Just finished and it began to rain... so that was that and back to more chores in the house. Also put out some Wren food in the hope of catching more glimpses of these shy ,tiny birds that dart about so much, maybe even get to take a photo if I am lucky!

The little log feeder is empty as you can see, the birds having cleared it again within a day or so but I don't go and buy another, I just get a few of those cheap little fat balls and push them into the empty holes... much less expensive than a new log.

I found the photo of Bebe, at home and very ,very comfortable on my desk chair in the Summerhouse last!

Diary; January 14Th 2002 saw Pied wagtail on tree near Pond,other day also saw Grey wagtail.

Fri January 15Th 1999 Very windy, trees really blowing. From kitchen window noticed two unusual birds on wood nut feeder on line, looked through bird book....Long tailed tits ' Pied wagtails again on patio. No frost or snow so far this winter. [Long tailed tits come into the garden now quite regularly.]
Jan 2007 11Th;Have seen two squirrels frequently running the length of the fences... its their motorway ha! Last week saw a Grey wagtail on Patio. Loads of Collared Doves around. Ist daffodil out end 1st week January.
Still have not got the Sweet Peas in will try and do that tomorrow!