Thursday, 15 January 2009

The View and the Summer house

When we bought this house ,where you now see the Summerhouse was the vegetable plot. At the time I was not really interested in Veggie growing so it was always a little neglected and when we saw this little summerhouse a few years later in a Sale I thought ,Oh... that would be a nice little hiding place for me.. away from the two men in my life and it would fit really nicely in that plot. That was about 10 years ago and I have never regretted purchasing it although now I would like the space for vegetables, as really it is the best spot in the whole garden for growing them! However I grow a few salad bits in pots and tomatoes in the greenhouse.
You see the trouble in our garden is, its shaded by some fairly large trees ,so you are very limited to where you can grow things. On the plus side there is always a shady spot to be found on a hot sunny day.
I go down to the summerhouse to read ,paint or write or sit with a cup of coffee and usually one of the cats finds me and picks a nice chair and then spends all day snoozing... ah.. what a life they lead!
The other day I showed a photo of the border I cleared, well the photo here, is of that same border when it is mid summer. Its quite natural looking with lovely smelling Roses and Columbines.
Pansies are lovely and just look pretty right up to mid summer and then they get tired and go over but I usually have some in pots every year. as I just love them.
Somewhere I have a photo of Bebe our big cat in the summerhouse I'll try and find it for tomorrow and also more from the diary.