Monday, 19 January 2009

The Snow that came and went

This was taken at about 2pm today. It started to snow and was coming down quite thickly at one point but didn't settle as the ground was too wet. By 3pm it had tailed off to sleet with just a little on the lawn to show for it, then at 4pm, it hailed. So we had a taste of it all today!
Ollie seemed bemused at all this white stuff drifting down and sat on the step for a while wondering if it was safe to go out... he doesn't like getting wet you know..... bit particular about his paws!
I saw the Sparrowhawk sitting on the lawn at 9am, at first I thought he had a Sparrow but later when I went to see if there were any remains I just found some orange berries, so this time it was a vegetarian snack!
So the only thing I did in the Garden today was replenish the bird feeders .The Sparrows could be heard making a right old din in the hedge when it was snowing.

I don't think I will get the chance here to take a proper winter snow scene photo, where it is hanging off the trees and bushes, we just seem to get a smattering and its further inland that gets the real stuff these days.
Certainly nothing like Feb 1684 when the Thames was frozen solid from Jan to early March and they held the big Frost fairs and there was Fox hunting and wrestling and oxen roasted! And in 1775 Rooks attempting to fly, fell from the sky with wings frozen.. brr!
Lets see what tomorrow brings.