Thursday, 25 June 2009

The release of the Painted ladies

A message from my good friend Pat,could she release the newly emerged Painted Lady butterflies this evening in my garden as she felt they would fair much better here with a wider range of plants to feed from.
After weeks of her tending them ,from caterpillars through to their final stage ,it was a lovely moment to see them open their wings to the early evening sunshine and take their first tentative flight into the world around them. I was able to catch these photos before they were off.
It really has been wonderful to watch them grow and witness a process that many people never see up so close and as nature lovers we both felt really happy and sad to see them on their way.

I have found out what the very tall and strange plant is that is growing in the garden, it is now well over 6 ft tall..... a teasel. So mystery solved and I can now look forward to it attracting goldfinches and bees and then when the seed heads`dry they can be striking to add to flower arrangements. Did I plant it, I simply cannot remember as it is a takes 2 years to get to the flowering stage but I am glad its there! That's the wonderful mystery of gardening!

Ollie wanted me to play out in the front garden with his pampas grass leaf tonight and while there I tried to take his picture but he has an annoying habit of looking away...ah!

Oh boy did we have a 4pm downpour yesterday after a really good day up to then and it just happened to coincide with my bike ride home from the shops..I was WET but you know what it was great , warm summer rain, nature doing what it does best and hey it was good to be alive!

Monday, 22 June 2009

On the trail of the Damsel fly

I can't believe it is 3 weeks since I last updated this blog, where is the time going to?
I have had plenty of opportunities to get out and about with my camera on the canal and also on a really lovely 5 day break up to Dumfries and Galloway. We did take an awful lot of photos on that trip and I will be putting a few on here as soon as possible.
I find that what I most enjoy taking pictures of are the flowers and plants and insects that we find on our trips in the countryside or even here at home. Some like the damsel fly seen here ,don't make it easy for you as they dart so fast and furiously and I had to wait and follow him until at last he landed! The Butterfly was also very hard ,as soon as it saw my shadow it was off and I chased it up and down along the canal bank. It was a lovely sunny warm afternoon and bees and all manner of insects were out and about on all the vegetation on the banks.

I am busy setting up a sewing craft area down in the summer house as I have a few projects planned with some of the pretty materials I have been gradually been collecting and If I don't do something with them soon I will not feel justified if I am tempted again! Besides it's lovely down there at this time of year in the sun.

Our new neighbours cats have found our garden and have taken to visiting to see what my lot are up to. Mostly they sit in circle eyeing each other up and although Ginger did chase one off yesterday it was a very half hearted attempt. The mostly black cat is my Ollie and the other 'a friend!

Monday, 1 June 2009

A day at Speke Hall and June in the garden

I have been spending most evenings lately in the garden until well gone 9pm trying to finish all my pots of bedding plants so that come July and August should have a pretty summery display .The resident Thrush has been singing along madly on the house roof until really late and I managed to catch him in full voice so to speak in the photo .

We had a lovely weekend and took a trip to Speke Hall nr Liverpool, in fact it's very close to the Airport. I last went there some 30 years ago and remember it as being a little jaded and tired looking at the time but the National Trust took over in 1986 and since then they have restored the gardens and by the looks of it done a tremendous amount of work. I will be going back soon as there is so much to see and do.
Have also been catching up with some scrapbook layouts , getting a few ideas lately and trying to do at least one or two a week.I have decided to look further back to some good family pictures for inspiration. I've put a few up here and will be putting a few more soon.
Don't know how long this lovely weather will last but I am trying to enjoy it while we can and today went out on the bike twice which was lovely.
Have also put up some snaps of lovely Tom my gentle ginger cat and some of the summer flowers now looking nice in the garden.