Sunday, 19 July 2009

Herbs, Peas the Birds and the Bees

Yesterday after a nice afternoon in Lytham we came back and spent a couple of hours doing a few garden jobs . It was actually quite warm and the sun made an appearance . I
found a few things to pick which were ready,some lovely fresh garden peas, lettuce ,baby carrots and some herbs. The peas have been fairly easy to grow and next year all being well I will be growing many more instead of some of the other bits and bobs.
Today we had a really nice run out to a Garden centre nr Lancaster ,new to us , and I got a couple of plants that had bees humming all over them. Then we had tea and cake down by the canal at Galgate sitting in the sunshine.
Well those teasels in the garden are taking over and they had better attract the Goldfinches as we are getting caught on them every time we pass by! The Buddliea has been covered in flowers and the bees are there but only white butterflies so far.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Canal side wildlife

We had such a lovely time out on the boat on Sunday,it did not matter that it wasn't a perfect summer day as we saw some lovely wildlife . A kingfisher even put in a brief appearance as it flew ahead of us up the canal, the first we have seen this year.
The damselflies were mating and dragonflies were flying over the canal paths .
There were lots of the Orange red flying beetle insects on the wayside flowers and the dragonfly in the photo is a female of the chaser group of dragonflies being brown in colour.

What is going on with this weather, are we going to see a few really nice summer days or what!