Monday, 22 June 2009

On the trail of the Damsel fly

I can't believe it is 3 weeks since I last updated this blog, where is the time going to?
I have had plenty of opportunities to get out and about with my camera on the canal and also on a really lovely 5 day break up to Dumfries and Galloway. We did take an awful lot of photos on that trip and I will be putting a few on here as soon as possible.
I find that what I most enjoy taking pictures of are the flowers and plants and insects that we find on our trips in the countryside or even here at home. Some like the damsel fly seen here ,don't make it easy for you as they dart so fast and furiously and I had to wait and follow him until at last he landed! The Butterfly was also very hard ,as soon as it saw my shadow it was off and I chased it up and down along the canal bank. It was a lovely sunny warm afternoon and bees and all manner of insects were out and about on all the vegetation on the banks.

I am busy setting up a sewing craft area down in the summer house as I have a few projects planned with some of the pretty materials I have been gradually been collecting and If I don't do something with them soon I will not feel justified if I am tempted again! Besides it's lovely down there at this time of year in the sun.

Our new neighbours cats have found our garden and have taken to visiting to see what my lot are up to. Mostly they sit in circle eyeing each other up and although Ginger did chase one off yesterday it was a very half hearted attempt. The mostly black cat is my Ollie and the other 'a friend!