Monday, 12 January 2009

Urns ,Pots and Planters

Stoneware in a garden is something I like to see. Urns , troughs, planters, as I think they give a sense of timelessness. I'm lucky having a fairly big garden as I have been able to accommodate a few here and there and try to plant them up seasonally. I think they they look at their best in the Summer as the bedding plants trail nicely down them but Spring bulbs also look lovely too. So today I have included pictures taken of them during past Springs.

After the rain last night the garden was quite muddy but when I read in the paper that we are in for Gales and rain followed by another cold snap I decided to spend another hour or two clearing more borders today. The Brown waste bin is so heavy and full that I half expect it not to be emptied...... really though they are getting some good compost material out of me,ha!

From my Diary ;
Fri Jan 14 2000, Outside in afternoon ,heard a flutter of wings and a Sparrowhawk seemed to be after something in the holly bush at end of garden . It flew up over garden and birds called in alarm and I watched it circle over house and get higher and higher in the thermals until it disappeared. Later saw Jays in tree at end of garden. Squirrel taking coconut![ There were 2 squirrels on the lawn today]
Tues Jan 12th.;1999
Last night it snowed and early morning it snowed and after the heavy frost of yesterday and day before pond frozen and the birds many blackbirds. I filled all the feeders and put food for ground birds, Pied wagtail.. tits of all types..squirrel on nut feeder next door... slushy and gone by afternoon.

The other photo is of Tom one of our two ginger cats.