Thursday, 29 January 2009

Treats for birds

Do you like cooking? Well how about making something tasty for the birds that are visiting your gardens. It will help keep them going in all the cold weather we can expect in the next few days.
Soak some breadcrumbs[brown are best] in some water until soft and then add a mix of seeds and nuts and re hydrated berries. All you do then is press this all down in a greased loaf tin and bake for about 15 mins until a nice golden colour. Let it cool and hey presto!
A really quick and easy treat is to hollow out an old apple and fill it with a mix of cooked rice ,seeds re hydrated dried fruit and berries, suet and and other tasty birdie morsels. go on they will love you for it!

These lovely Hyacinths came up in the garden last year . I actually think they look far nicer in a spring garden than in the house and also in the house their rather overpowering smell is not every ones cup of tea. If you do buy prepared bulbs though you can plant them out in the garden where they will come up in following years but will probably revert to white ones.
From my wildlife Diary; Feb1997Small grey bird eating bread on patio.. black cap. Foggy day.
Pied wagtail and pair chaffinches in garden.
January 30th Thurs 2003 Saw gold crest in fir tree on patio, morning and afternoon. Robins blackbirds wood pigeons 2 pied wagtails, nearly all species been feeding a lot. Sunny cold windy day.