Thursday, 8 January 2009

Greenhouses are not just for plants.

What a strange day weather wise.
It kind of just couldn't make up its mind. It started off quite dull and then blue skies appeared and the Sun put in a an appearance for about an hour...then quite a fog came over, then sun and this evening back to fog but still no snow...darn it!

Well as you can see by the photo of my greenhouse, in the winter it becomes a des res for the boys! Ginger and Tom that is. I treated them to a nice little draught proof house each and on these cold days they hardly leave them...well would you, I mean there's a nice little heater that comes on to protect the plants I overwinter and I often pop out with a nice snack, ha!

There are some good bargains to be found for gardeners right now as the garden centres begin to clear out stock to make way for the Spring . I picked up all the seeds shown at very new garden centre in Southport for half price, a huge saving ! If you want stuff like this don't leave it too long! I had better get the sweet peas in this week in the Greenhouse

In my little wildlife diary I found a few entries for past Januarys;

Jan1st 1993 noticed a flock of about 12 Redwings on the holly tree at the bottom of garden, flew away mid day top of road./ I think we were in a real cold spell then too!

Jan 5th 1997 Field fare still in garden feeding on apples .. chasing away other birds...Pied wagtail, Dunno ck[2] Robin , Blue tits, Sparrows , Blackbirds etc all busy.

January 2006 dark dull and rainy but mild 11degrees saw flock of long tailed tits[12] on lilac bush feeding on nuts and fat. Robin. blackbirds and usual birds around.

I'll do a few more tomorrow but have to say haven't seen any Red wings since or indeed any Fieldfares... shame.

The picture of me with all the ice round the pond was taken about about 2001 I think, now that was chilly.. brrr!

Tomorrow I will tell you about when we kept 3 lovely Chickens in the garden , they were real characters! Oh and I bet not many people have a Holly bush the size of ours, as you will see from the picture I'll take tomorrow.