Saturday, 17 January 2009

Along the Canal Bank

These photos were all taken today. Blue skies, sun reflecting on the water.... it could be summer but they don't tell the true was finger tingling chilly I can tell you. We went for a short trip up the Canal and while 'the other half ' was rummaging around for dry matches to light the little gas stove I went off with the camera. If I had turned around and pointed the camera the other way you would have seen a darkening sky, the beginning of the Atlantic storm waiting off the Irish Sea for tonight. The wind was beginning to whip up to, so we were soon on our way back.
The seed heads looked beautiful against the low winter sun and I could see a couple of little birds fly from one bank to the other to take the tasty morsels that they offered. We also spotted a Heron waiting patiently at the waters edge behind the swaying reeds.

The Squirrel was back on the lawn and on my ground feeder this morning, he thinks its Spring or something as he was hopping and skipping all over the place! A certain Aunt of mine will be saying ah... blimin squirrels... right about now. They are the bane of her life always eating her bird food !
I know they say that there is a decline in the number of House Sparrows but you wouldn't think so if you lived here.. they are all over the garden. Perhaps its because we have so much of the habitat that they like .. hedges, trees and a constant supply of food. They do have to be careful of two things though, the cats and their arch enemy the Sparrowhawk!

Well lets hope not too many people have too much wind damage to wake up to... till tomorrow bye
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