Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Cold again perhaps

Is it going to be a cold February? Looking at next weeks weather it seems likely... feeling like minus5-7 again. so spring might be a little delayed. We often have a little cold snap but I was kind of hoping it would be around the 13Th..... I'll tell you why soon.

Planted up a nice winter window box yesterday and it looks a bit more cheerful at the front now... I have definitely got a bit of Spring fever as have been clearing out no end of things this last couple of weeks.

All the cats are on mice alert at the moment ,I think a nest must have emerged from one of the stone walls . Tom had another yesterday but I scooped it up and put it under the shed. Poor cowering little beastie, ha.
Oh well not much tonight but will see what tomorrow brings.

The photos today are of two lovely places on the Southern part of Scotland that I never tire of visiting. Dare I say its unspoilt, you can find wildlife and sandy beaches and time to forget about that busy world... don't go leave it all for me,ha!