Monday, 26 January 2009

Sixth of the sixth and nostalgia

I have been tagged by Emma to show the sixth picture from my sixth photo folder and it turns out to be a lovely view taken from Fort Grey in Guernsey in September of 2008. It shows one of the lighthouses that has guarded these treacherous waters for many years but even so the area is littered with many wrecks.
We had only arrived on the island that morning by boat and had driven across here on our way to our hotel, parked the car and then I left a not so very jolly 'Green Giant 'in the car{ he who never gets seasick had done] and went off to take these pictures.

While I was searching for that I came across this other picture taken around 1968 or so and its of me and my rabbit Ringo and two friends of that time. We were in our back garden in Suffolk..... it seems such a long time ago and yet I can still remember the fun times we had in that Garden .It was large with a big expanse of lawn , very similar in size to my own now.Ah memories!