Sunday, 18 January 2009

Plants for Peanuts!

Well so much for the Storm, it got really windy and rained for half an hour and that was it! I know why, it was because I was prepared for it, had moved anything likely to blow over if I hadn't would have been 120 mile an hour winds at least!

I managed to pick up some bargain plants today in the sale section at a little garden centre. They were a little jaded looking but will pick up with a little tender loving care as they say! Well I got them all for £7 ..full retail £38. I am not planting them this week though, will hold off while we have low temperatures.

When I went down the Greenhouse I happened upon Bebe hiding in the bushes as you can see. He thinks the birds can't see him,but lets face it, he's hardly invisible at his size. Those diet biscuits he's on are not doing their job, ha!