Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Yorkshire Dales Winter

I thought it would be nice to remind myself of one of my favourite places , the Yorkshire Dales, especially around the old market town of Hawes and the lovely little villages that nestle around it.
I enjoy going there at any time of year but prefer the winter months as not only is it quieter but to see the hills in a covering of snow is a magical sight. In all the years we have been going up there ,there has never really been any significant Snowfall though, much to my disappointment!
It does however always manage to snow the week before or after our visit... which is just typical.
The picture of the frozen waterfall was taken in February last year, as was the other field scene. It was great walking over the fields, passing from one little village to another, enjoying all the countryside has to offer. We even spotted two stoats playing, we could hardly believe our luck.
Tomorrow I will post some pictures of some gardening goodies I bought today.