Sunday, 1 February 2009

These photos are of the lovely Tulips that came up in the garden this year and as you can see they are huge. Everybody remarked that they didn't even look like a Tulip as they were so full of petals.
One thing I have noticed since getting my new camera is that I take much more interest in the finer detail of things and its amazing what you can see if you select Super Macro'as the picture of the inside of the pink Tulip shows....its incredible!

What a lovely April we had ,even here up North its been great to enjoy days of warm Spring Sunshine for a change and although it made the spring flowers finish earlier it was a small price to pay.
The Lilac is in full bloom and the Maple trees are in full leaf and there is lots of blossom on the two apple trees so we should be in for a good crop in September if they get the right conditions from now on.