Sunday, 8 February 2009

Views of pendle from Clitheroe

Yesterday we went for a little drive out of Preston and up towards Clitheroe, a nice little market town tucked in next to Pendle Hill, famous of course for its witches.
We climbed up to Clitheroe Castle to get a good view of the hill with its white, snowy coat but couldn't go right up, as there is a lot of restoration work going on.
I intend to climb up there one day this summer as I believe the view is quite lovely from the top.

While we were out I bought a little nest box for the sparrows in my garden as I noticed that they were being bullied out of the little nook under the eaves of next doors house by two starlings that also seem to find it a desirable residence. They will probably ignore it but they did, at one time many years ago, nest in one in the same location.They say now is the time to site them so they can get use to them.

We are going through such a chilly spell that not much is possible in the garden really. I have been checking on plants in the greenhouse and the sweet peas I eventually sowed last week and put in the propagator.
Just looked outside and the paths are covered in a light dusting of snow but it will not be around long I think.
Looking ahead to next weekend the weather looks set to change to wet and mild.... if they get it right of course.