Thursday, 26 February 2009

Prepare now for Roses

Obviously I didn't go out and take these pictures today in the garden... more's the pity but seeing them has reminded me that by treating the roses kindly now,
I will reap rewards later on. So a sprinkle around the roots with some fertilizer or some chicken manure and then a general tidy up around the plants, also making sure they are secure in the soil after the winter winds will definitely help in achieving this .

It was a really chilly,dull, windy day today. I certainly didn't feel like going out in the garden, which actually resembles a building site at the moment. The structure of the new greenhouse which arrived yesterday, is spread all over the lawn, as is the old one which I have advertised for £25 in the local supermarket. It might do somebody who has an allotment or who is on a tight budget and just getting into gardening.
The fun and games to put it up begin in earnest on Saturday ... well we hope!

I came across these Old Sayings about the weather;
A ring around the Moon or Sun
and rain approaches on the run.

Mackerel sky
rain is nigh.

And this poem which reminds me that when the greenhouse is up the work begins......

In March and in April, from morning til night,
In sowing and setting good housewives delight:
To have in a garden, or other like plot
To turn up their house, or furnish their pot.

Thomas Tusser 1520-80