Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Waiting for the flowers

Whilst watching Master Chef this evening on the tv I found myself thinking ,all that work and sweat to prepare a meal and then it's gone a flash...... at least when I put the plants together in a pot or trough in the garden I have the pleasure of waiting and watching over weeks and months and sometimes years to see it develop and blossom. Ah yes, give me gardening anytime!
I am waiting at the moment for the bulbs out in the garden and also here in the house. I have an Amaryllis about to burst from its bud. I picked it up for £2 in sale and put it over a cup of water and let just it's roots trail into it and it shot up in no time. I can't wait to see what colour it will be.

I have a feeling that our resident Hedgehog has been up and around, perhaps he was disturbed from hibernation and was wanting a quick snack because I saw his trail at the edge of the garden today. I had better leave a few biscuits just in case. However I am pretty sure he will toddle off back to his bed as it's too cold yet.
The cats had me up early this morning and I stood at the back door listening to a beautiful early morning song by one bird.
The days are getting just that bit longer too, this time last year I had written in my diary that we were having spring like days... yes that is just what we want now!