Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snow Alert What Snow

I can't stand it......it's everywhere ,the biggest snow event to hit Britain in 18 years and probably won't happen for another 20 and we got a little half inch which went the same day! It's not as if we get better summers either than the South, just damp....damp summers. damp winters.
An Aunt of mine in Watford near London has it...... 6 inches of it and her cat doesn't know what to make of this white powder and pays a quick visit outside and then its back in 'under the duvet!
In the 24 years I have lived here we have only about once had 6inches of snow but when I was young and living in East Anglia the winters were cold and snowy with a biting wind that made your ears sting! It was always hats and gloves there.

This is my new bird table, the old one eventually fell to bits after being knocked over several times when the cats jumped at it after the birds and also used it as a scratching post. But you know, I go to all the expense of providing it and really they would rather eat from the floor or the cheap plastic hanging one on the lilac bush!
The other is a photo of me at Pendle Heritage centre sitting on an old millstone.

I saw the sparrows today tugging off pieces of pampas grass and taking it to under the eaves of next doors house. They nest there every year and seem to thrive around here.
I suppose all those places that had the snow will have all this other thats due to arrive on Thursday too... Oh well!