Saturday, 21 February 2009

Let the Fun begin

Well it has been a busy day with a lot of hard work involved but I have enjoyed it and I didn't feel guilty eating my apple crumble tonight as I think a few more than usual calories were expended today!
The greenhouse is' no more,' where it was is a big space that we are filling up with rubble to bring it up to the right level before laying the base for the new one.
Tomorrow we have to go and get some sand and more slabs and then we can carry on.
The day was not with out it's surprises either, as half way through the afternoon I heard a mewing cry which at first I thought was coming from a seagull overheard..looked up and there right above me were two Buzzards circling and then soaring up and away.

The robin was very interested in our endeavors and came and sat on the stepladders hoping for an up earthed worm and then singing us a lovely song.
Bebe was also happy as we uncovered the bench and put it back in his favourite spot in the garden.
So we got done what we had set out to do and we have to thank our good neighbours for going to fetch the rubble in their trailer.