Saturday, 28 February 2009

Gradually getting a greenhouse

Oh boy have we had a busy day! The greenhouse awaits our attention and is spread all over the lawn but we have spent all day preparing a level base, which involved removing tree roots , moving existing concrete slabs and relaying them to achieve a nice even surface. Anyhow its done and tomorrow we can begin the jigsaw puzzle of all the pieces that will...we hope resemble a rather nice greenhouse.
The two snowy pictures taken in the heavy blizzard that shook most parts of England earlier in the month ,were kindly sent to me by my dear aunt who lives in Hertfordshire. However I have not spotted a snowman on them anywhere ... fancy all that snow and no snowman, ha!
Well my beautiful amaryllis has flowered and what a gorgeous soft peach colour it is... and a bargain for the £2 I paid for it.
So we are in March tomorrow.... the weeks are flying by again. The thrush was at the top of the conifer across the road singing his head off this afternoon and all the pots of bulbs are really beginning to flower in earnest now. I even have red tulips in bloom.

From my diary March 6Th 2006 ; light snow showers this morning. All the heavier snow that fell on Friday afternoon has now gone. Saw a thrush yesterday feeding on bread ,top of garage. Feeders are going quick in this cold spell, Wood pigeon hanging about . Spring flowers all ready to flower.. late this year.