Friday, 13 March 2009

Lawns should be lovely

I admit defeat with our lawn! It's covered in moss and looks sick. Poor lawn..... it was really lovely at one point, many years ago and I want it to look like that again.
If I was to pinpoint when exactly it started on the road to ruin it would be when we stopped using the big old petrol lawnmower with the heavy roller on the back. In those days it looked green and healthy and sported beautiful stripes all summer long.

These new lawnmowers are not a patch on the old sort but it's not just that, we have been neglectful ,doing only the bare minimum to help it, as other things like boats and work got in the way.
So I've called in the heavy mob and a professional is coming to see what he can do, at the right price of course .
A groundsman would tell you that one of the most important things is to spike it with a four-tined garden fork to a depth of four to six inches ,as it is lack of air to the topsoil and good water peculation to the root sphere that makes a good lawn. So that should take me all day then!

I went out in the Greenhouse as it was raining ,not heavy just drizzly but it was nice to be in the dry potting on some bits and bobs and snipping and trimming and watering to give things a boost for spring!