Monday, 30 March 2009

Heron landing and dazzling daffodils

I saw the Heron flying over the house at 8.30am, he often does on his way to a favourite spot but I was taken by surprise when he returned later on to land in the conifer in the garden that backs on to ours. My camera was in the other room so I flew for it ,not really with much hope that he would still be there but yes he was! They may have installed a pond recently as something had caught his eye. He was off pretty quick though after this photo.
Yesterday we called at Sefton park in Liverpool to view thousands of daffodils in the Field of hope. The Sun was shining and it made for a glorious sight.
The seeds in the greenhouse are sprouting rapidly and there is plenty to do,I am hoping though that this week will be warmer than last.

Saw a Goldfinch on the Birch tree in the front garden this morning, I hope they are building a nest close by as we do not see many around here.